Optimizing Marijuana Prescriptions Using DNA Tests from We Decode

Optimizing Marijuana Prescriptions Using DNA Tests from We Decode

With medical marijuana’s legalization and increasing acceptance, many patients turn to cannabis to manage various conditions and symptoms. However, finding the right strain, dosage or combination is necessary to give patients their desired relief. Otherwise, instead of comfort, patients could experience chest pain, nausea, and vomiting from overuse.

To address this challenge, many medical marijuana users have turned to DNA testing services. DNA tests used to individually optimize marijuana prescriptions help patients find the perfect dosage based on their genetic makeup. DNA services like We Decode use genetic signatures to determine how a person responds to marijuana.

Ultimately, DNA tests support patients in optimizing their prescriptions for the best results, making the most of their medication. That is why Medwell Health has partnered with We Decode to help unravel the secret concoction behind patients’ marijuana needs.

In this article, we’ll look at who We Decode is, its services, and what value patients could get from buying their services.

We Decode: Who are They?

We Decode, a leading DNA service for medical marijuana that aims to provide patients with a personalized wellness report to guide their cannabis usage.

Using DNA tests, We Decode aligns marijuana intake to your genetic makeup. This way, patients will save themselves from months of trial and error, finding the proper formula to ease their sufferings. Moreover, it prevents patients from spending money on cannabis medication that doesn’t help their symptoms.

The founder

Cherissa Jackson, founder, and CEO of We Decode found solace in medical marijuana. Having been a veteran and a nurse in the U.S. Air Force for 23 years, tending after the wounded is part of her daily activities. However, it wasn’t after her near-death experience in Afghanistan did she experience post-traumatic stress disorder and realized what many vets in the U.S. suffer from.

While marijuana helps ease some victims, it may not work on others with sub-optimal formulations. In light of this, Cherissa started We Decode to help vets and other patients find the perfect cannabis dosage for their needs.

We Decode already helped others and will continuously do so guided by their 3 P’s :

  • Passion
  • Purpose
  • People

What services do We Decode offer?

Primarily, We Decode specializes in genome sequencing, a process of deciphering patients’ genetic makeup. All DNA test kits they provide comes complete with all tests needed to uncover patients’ gene code.

After a series of DNA tests to optimize marijuana prescriptions individually, they analyze the samples in the lab. We Decode a customized, personalized wellness and health report for the patients. The document contains information on DNA cannabis matching based on the report.

What values can patients get from the DNA analysis?

Patients can use the report to accomplish the following:

  • Enable physicians to identify potential risks or possible drug-to-drug interactions
  • Notify you and your doctor regarding the risks and benefits of using cannabis as it corresponds to your genetics
  • Redefine your health goals through a more precise dosage of CBD and THC
  • Find the best route (methods of intake) suited to your specific needs

Medwell Health recently had Cherissa Jackson from We Decode as a guest in our Medwell Unscripted podcast. Where she answered some of the most fundamental questions that you may have about genome sequencing, their services, and the value you can get from DNA tests.

To learn more about We Decode you can watch the video here on Medwell Health and Wellness Centers YouTube Channel!

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