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MedWell Health and Wellness Centers has a diverse group of experts dedicated to providing exceptional care to our patients. Our experienced practitioners specialize in medical marijuana treatment; our team includes professionals from various healthcare backgrounds, including pain management, mental health, oncology, compassionate care, and years of experience guiding patients on alternative medicine for symptom management.

From certified local providers to knowledgeable support staff, everyone at MedWell is committed to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment where patients feel empowered to explore cannabis healthcare treatments with confidence.

Wendy Lunny, NP

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Wendy Lunny, NP, is a highly skilled Nurse Practitioner with over three decades of experience in various healthcare settings. She holds a Master of Science in Nursing from Simmons College and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Salve Regina University. Wendy is certified as an Adult/Family Nurse Practitioner and holds ANCC Certification as an APRN.

Throughout her career, Wendy has demonstrated exceptional clinical abilities and a strong commitment to patient care. Her professional journey includes significant roles such as Visiting Nurse/Nurse Practitioner at Preferred Transitions Home Health Care, where she conducts assessments and admits new patients while managing Medicare paperwork. Prior to this, Wendy served as an Anesthesia Clinical Coordinator/Nurse Practitioner at Milford Regional Medical Center, where she managed pre-op assessments, histories, and physicals for the anesthesia department, handling a high volume of cases efficiently.

Nurse Practitioner Wendy Lunny provides medical cannabis healthcare services to MedWell Health and Wellness Centers patients in Massachusetts.

Suzzy Ndiritu, NP

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Suzzy Ndiritu, NP, earned a Master of Nursing, specializing in adult geriatric primary care, in 2013 from the Oceania University of Medicine after receiving a BSN, Registered Nursing degree from Salem State University in 2007.

As a Nurse Practitioner for MedWell Health and Wellness Centers in Massachusetts, Suzzy Ndiritu is passionate about helping patients explore alternative health options to improve symptom management.

Richard Arnold, MSN, FNP, BC

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Richard Arnold, MSN, FNP, BC, is an accomplished healthcare professional with extensive experience spanning various healthcare settings. Based in Watertown, MA, Richard has served in leadership roles at prestigious institutions, demonstrating his expertise in healthcare administration and patient care.

Currently, Richard holds the position of Director of Health Services at Lasell University in Newton, MA.His dedication to student health and well-being is evident through his previous roles as Director of General Medicine at the University of Massachusetts Boston and Director of the Office of Health & Wellness Services at Suffolk University.

With a Master of Science in Nursing from Simmons University and fluency in Spanish, Richard brings a wealth of clinical knowledge and cultural competency to his practice. His multifaceted career also includes experience in primary care, urgent care, mental health, and telehealth.

Jennifer L. Guerra

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Jennifer L. Guerra, FNP-C, MSN, BSN, RN, is a highly skilled Nurse Practitioner specializing in Surgery and Trauma, with a remarkable career spanning 15 years of dedicated service in healthcare. Currently serving as a Nurse Practitioner in the Department of Surgery & Trauma at South Shore Hospital in Weymouth, MA, Jennifer holds the role of senior Nocturnist Advanced Practice Clinician, where she demonstrates exceptional leadership and clinical expertise.

With a comprehensive background in both inpatient and ambulatory care settings, Jennifer has acquired extensive experience in various specialties, including general and vascular surgery, trauma coverage, and advanced wound care. Her proficiency encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, from performing surgical procedures and assisting in trauma activations to providing comprehensive patient care, including history-taking, physical examinations, and diagnostic/therapeutic interventions.

Jennifer holds a Master of Science in Nursing from Regis College, along with certifications including AANP Certified Nurse Practitioner and ACLS, ATLS, and DEA.

Lynn Kelly Barstow, RNC, FNP

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Lynn Kelly Barstow, RNC, FNP, graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, after completing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1982 and a Masters Degree in Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner from the University of Massachusetts Lowell, in 1990.

Dedicated to improving the quality of life and care for patients, Lynn Kelly Barstow is a warm and compassionate healthcare provider who has specialized in women’s health, pediatric care, and community outreach for public health initiatives. Lynn provides health services in both English and Spanish languages for MedWell Health and Wellness Centers, in Massachusetts.

Lauren Reposa, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

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Lauren Reposa, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, is a dedicated Nurse Practitioner based in Rochester, MA. Graduating with honors from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University in May 2020, Lauren holds a Master’s Degree of Science in Nursing.

Currently, Lauren serves as a Nurse Practitioner at MedWell Health and Wellness Centers in Brockton, MA, specializing in chronic pain management, mental health, and medical cannabis evaluations for Massachusetts residents. Her clinical expertise extends to nephrology, with years of experience as a Registered Nurse in dialysis centers across Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

With a commitment to excellence and a passion for patient care, Lauren Reposa continues to make significant contributions to the lives of patients in Massachusetts.

Kelly Stone RN/NP

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Kelly Stone is a dedicated Nurse Practitioner with a wealth of experience spanning various healthcare settings. Currently based in Mattapoisett, MA, Kelly has been serving as a Nurse Practitioner at medWell Health and Wellness in Fairhaven, MA, since May 2022.

Prior to her current role with MedWell Health and Wellness Centers in Massachusetts, Kelly worked at Hawthorn Medical Associates in North Dartmouth, MA, where she excelled in urgent care, diagnostics, and delivering patient education and support.

Kelly holds a Master of Science in Nursing from Walden University, graduating Summa Cum Laude, and maintains certifications as a Certified Adult/Geriatric Nurse Practitioner and in Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).

Keirsten Assad, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC

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Keirsten Assad, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, is a highly skilled and compassionate Board Certified Nurse Practitioner with over 12 years of experience in delivering culturally competent care across diverse patient populations. After graduating with a Master of Science in Nursing from Rivier College, Keirsten demonstrated expertise in physical examinations, health promotion, and acute and chronic illness management.

With a strong background in aesthetic and regenerative medicine, women’s health care, primary care, urgent, and occupational health, Keirsten has served in various capacities, including providing sports medicine and orthopedic-focused exams at Joint Regenerative Medicine in Salem, NH, and occupational health services at Nashoba Valley Medical Center in Ayer, MA.

Kaley Giovani, PA

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Kaley Govoni is a dedicated healthcare professional committed to delivering exceptional patient care and promoting wellness in her community, with a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies from Westfield State University and a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences from Western New England University.

Kaley has gained valuable experience across a wide range of medical specialties, including plastic surgery, dermatology, obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry, pediatrics, family medicine, geriatrics, rheumatology, addiction medicine, and emergency medicine. Her diverse clinical background has equipped her with the expertise to address various healthcare needs with compassion and proficiency.

Currently serving as a Physician Assistant at MedWell Health & Wellness Centers, Kaley continues to make a positive impact on the lives of her patients by providing comprehensive and personalized healthcare services. Her unwavering commitment to excellence and her passion for improving patient outcomes underscore her role as a valued member of the Massachusetts healthcare community.

Paul C. Schreiber MD

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Dr. Paul C. Schreiber is a distinguished pediatrician dedicated to providing exceptional care to children, infants, and adolescents in North Easton, Massachusetts. With over two decades of experience, Dr. Schreiber is renowned for his expertise and compassion in pediatric medicine.

His comprehensive understanding of pediatric medicine and patient care, coupled with his warm demeanor and attentive approach, has made Dr. Paul C. Schreiber a highly sought-after pediatrician in the North Easton area..

Aaron Bloom, Esq.

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Aaron Bloom serves as the CEO, overseeing the mission and growth of DocMJ. Aaron’s passion for improving patient’s lives comes from his background in health care. For more than 20 years Aaron owned, operated, and represented traditional health care organizations. This experience created a passion for finding improved ways to relieve suffering. His goal as CEO is to work hard every day to bring relief to all patients who seek better health and wellness through the medicinal benefits of medical cannabis and evidence based alternative medicines.

Jackie Rothman

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Jackie Rothman is the COO of DocMJ. Often referred to as the “heart and soul” of the company, she has more than 25 years of experience in the medical field, caring for and about people. Her work allows her to combine her dedication and commitment to helping with new and innovative experiences along the way. Her mission is to make a positive impact in people’s lives, through healthcare innovation and fostering personal growth. She believes that everyone can contribute to a brighter, healthier, and happier world. She is dedicated to supporting the vision and initiatives across the entire organization. And she is always excited to be a part of that journey.

Your journey to symptom relief and a better life starts at MedWell Health and Wellness Centers.