Part 1: Characteristics of Good Cannabis

Like with all products, you want the best cannabis products available in order to have an enjoyable experience when using them. In order to have the best, you need to know what to look for and how to look for it when looking for good cannabis. Keep reading to learn more about the characteristics of good cannabis.



Cannabis has a very strong smell to it. Most would say it smells like a skunk, but there are other scents infused into a high-quality plant as well. Other scents that you should detect are pine and diesel. Plants that give off these smells indicate a high-quality plant. The stronger the smell, the better the final product will be.



A high-quality cannabis plant has vibrant color to it. Usually, the best flowers are a rich green color with bright orange hairs. You can also find them in different shades of purple and blue. The vibrant colors of the cannabis plant will provide a wonderful cannabis product.



A top-quality cannabis plant should have a sticky feel to it. It should also feel springy. When you touch the stem, it should easily break in your fingers. The bud of the flower should also be easy to break apart. However, the bud should not be so dry that it completely disintegrates when touched. In the same instance, you do not want the bud to be overly wet either as it can become moldy over time.


Flower Structure

The lighter the flower is, the better the quality. Another sign of good quality is that it is poofy in its appearance. If the flower is too poofy, it could be a sign that the cannabis was not properly grown or was not fully grown. While the structure of the flower doesn’t mean that you will have a great cannabis product, if the flower is rough and shriveled, it can affect the taste.


When looking for a great cannabis product, you are more likely to find the best at a medical marijuana dispensary. In order to be allowed to shop for products there, you must have a medical marijuana license. For more information on cannabis products, check us out at Medwell Health. Come back soon for Part 2 of identifying bad cannabis.

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