Part 2: Characteristics of a Bad Cannabis Flower

Characteristics of a Bad Cannabis Flower

It can be difficult to find good-quality products when you’re not looking in the right places, especially with cannabis products. You want the best cannabis products in order to have a positive experience. You need to decipher not only good cannabis but also bad cannabis to avoid purchasing a poor-quality product. Keep reading to learn more about the characteristics of bad cannabis.

Like a high-quality cannabis plant, a low-quality plant also has a strong smell to it. However, you can tell that it is of lower quality due to its musty or moldy scent. While the flower can be stored for about a year, it must be kept in a dark, dry place. If not, it becomes moldy and dried out. Once this happens, it is not worth using as it will produce a less than optimal experience. 

A low-quality plant will look quite different from a high-quality one. The distinct form will appear wilted, discolored, and moldy. It can also contain many seeds and stems. Another indicator that you have poor cannabis is amber-colored trichomes. With a healthy cannabis flower, the trichomes should be clear. A poor appearance can be the result of pesticides or other chemicals. It can also be due to old age or mold.

A low-quality plant will be fragile to the touch, meaning it can disintegrate very easily. A completely dried-out bud will have no weight to it and may fall apart when picked up. A poor-quality bud where the flower is crumbling is called “shake” and should not be used.

Flower Structure
A high-quality cannabis plant flowers in an attractive way. A poor quality plant has deteriorating flowers. While the structure of the plant does not necessarily affect the final product, it can still indicate whether or not it is a good quality plant.

When searching for good cannabis products, it is highly recommended that you try a state-licensed marijuana dispensary. These dispensaries carry quality cannabis that needs to meet state regulations. When visiting a dispensary there are many benefits to having your medical marijuana license. In most states there are tax breaks, you can have items shipped to your home as well as have permission to purchase items with a higher THC level. If you are interested in learning more about attaining your medical cannabis card, check us out at Medwell Health.

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