Research in Thailand Confirms Cannabis a Cancer Fighter

Researchers Label Cannabis a Cancer Fighter

Over 600,000 people will die from cancer this year. From breast cancer to lung cancer, millions of people receive a cancer diagnosis every year. These diseases not only bring many tests and surgeries but also many painful symptoms like nausea, stomach pains, headaches, and more. However, did you know that an organic item can help with the fight against cancer? Keep reading to learn how medical marijuana is now the next cancer fighter and why the Thai believe so.

What is Happening in Thailand?

Recently, two organizations in Thailand tested the effects of cannabis consumption on cancer patients. The National Cancer Institute of Thailand discovered that 50% of their terminal patients reported improvement in pain relief after taking THC for 30 days. And, the Department of Medical Services found that their clients also had health and appetite improvements after 90 days of THC use. This may not sound unique, but they used a specific strain of cannabis — canniprene — to show its potent anti-inflammatory effects.

How Can Cannabis Help Medically?

For hundreds of years, natives used cannabis to alleviate pain and relax the body. Now through scientific research, scientists and doctors discovered that medical marijuana helps reduce inflammation throughout the body. Thus, giving patients a better quality of life and less pain in their daily activities.

How Can Cannabis Help Patients With Moderate Symptoms?

Cannabis helps with more than just inflammation. Research has shown that medical marijuana reduces nausea, loss of appetite, headaches, insomnia, chronic pain, fevers, night sweats, dry skin, blisters, and wasting. While the medical world is not 100% sure of all the side effects of cannabis and how it helps with more symptoms, they continue to research and discover new elements every year.

Is the Cure for Some Cancers Near?

While cannabis may not be the cure for cancer, it does show promising results of aiding in patients’ treatments and stopping the spread of cancer to other parts of the body. Medical marijuana combined with a rich diet of greens, fish, nuts, and olive oil can improve the quality of cancer patients’ lives as well as help them on their road to recovery. This may not be the answer, but it does give everyone extra hope. The Thai government and medical community continue to research cannabis and are hoping to find even more positive results soon.

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