Secondhand cannabis smoke
January 4, 2024

How Bad is Cannabis Secondhand Smoke?

You may be old enough to remember the earliest tobacco commercials and print advertisements. Smoking tobacco has been a thing in America since the 1700s, but when tobacco became commercialized, it was cool, fun, and perhaps...

Demystifying Sativa Cannabis Uses and Effects
December 21, 2023

Demystifying Sativa Cannabis Uses and Effects

Sativa cannabis plants are known for providing uplifting and cerebral effects that can help patients who suffer from fatigue, symptoms of depression, and more. There are actually three different types of cannabis plants in the species,...

Why Mixing Sedatives and Cannabis Can Be Harmful to Your Health
December 19, 2023

Why Mixing Sedatives and Cannabis Can Be Harmful to Your Health

Medical cannabis is helping Americans live better lives and providing another way to manage chronic pain and other debilitating symptoms. While more research is needed, doctor-supervised cannabis is generally considered safe compared to other drugs, which...

Cannabis cognitive impairment study
December 6, 2023

New Study Debunks Adult Cognitive Impairment from Cannabis

An article published by Ben Adlin for Marijuana Moment sheds light on new research that may debunk the belief that long-term use of cannabis can cause cognitive impairment. Suppose you are a patient who regularly uses...

meditation and cannabis
December 4, 2023

Enhancing Meditation Practice With Cannabis: A How-To Guide

Of all the naturopathic and holistic therapies for wellness out there, meditation practice is often overlooked. That may be due to the fast-paced modern lifestyle, where we are cramming so much into everyday life that we...

cannabis and medications
November 27, 2023

Is It Safe to Use Pain Medications With Medical Cannabis?

The majority of medical cannabis use centers around pain management. Millions of Americans have been diagnosed with chronic pain conditions. Now that medical marijuana laws have changed and medical cannabis is a legal option for patients...

Cannabis Cocoa
November 21, 2023

Delicious THC Mocktails and Hot Beverages to Warm Up to This Winter

When the weather starts to get colder, nothing feels better than sipping a hot beverage at home and relaxing. Picture a chilly evening wrapped up with a snug blanket and a mug of your favorite hot...

Saving money on cannabis medwell
November 10, 2023

6 Ways to Economize Medical Cannabis Use

Back in the old days, groceries were not so expensive, sure. But in the last two years, many essentials have increased in price, from food to fuel, clothing to cable internet, and everything in between. Not...

osteoarthritis and cannabis
November 7, 2023

The Role of Medical Marijuana in Managing Osteoarthritis Pain

Living with osteoarthritis can be a daily challenge, with pain and discomfort affecting the quality of life for millions of people. As the medicinal landscape evolves, the role of medical cannabis in managing osteoarthritis pain has...

SAD Cannabis
November 3, 2023

Understanding the Role of Cannabis in Managing Seasonal Affective Disorder

As the seasons change and the Fall and Winter sunlight hours grow shorter, some people find themselves feeling more tired than normal. Chronic fatigue is one of the common symptoms of many different diseases or conditions,...