The Benefits of Medical Marijuana for Tourette Syndrome

Medical Marijuana for Tourette Syndrome

If you suffer from Tourette Syndrome, then you know how embarrassing it can be to live with. As it is a neurological disorder, it is something that you cannot control. Some of the symptoms include sudden or jerky movements that the individual is not able to control or speaking certain words or phrases without any control. These sudden movements and spoken words are known as “tics.” And although every human deals with these uncontrollable movements every now and then, someone with Tourette is constantly dealing with it. Medical marijuana may be able to help treat the symptoms of this neurological disorder. Keep reading to find out more.


Cannabis and Movement

It has been proven that cannabis can help the body better control muscle movement. Cannabinoids produced in the body can help improve motor skills and when combined with the basal ganglia, a part of the brain that integrates motor activity, then the unwanted movements can be more easily controlled. Cannabis has been known to help those with tremors, muscle tightness, jerkiness, and even help with pain from disorders like epilepsy and restless leg syndrome. The fact that marijuana has helped ease tics has been proven by a 1998 German study as 82% reported improvement and one person remained symptom-free for one year.


The Fight, Flight or Freeze Response

All human beings have a natural response to fight, flight, or freeze when we feel frightened or in danger. For those who suffer from Tourette Syndrome, the fight, flight, or freeze response is greatly elevated. As a result, they will feel anxious, have a rapid heartbeat, or have tightening of the chest. The pressure continues to mount until the person can no longer bear it and must move or speak to relieve the pain. This cycle repeats itself over and over again.


The Benefits of Medical Marijuana for Tourette Syndrome

Taking medical marijuana can help an individual better relax, allowing him or her to control the tics and endure less suffering, should they occur. Some have stated that the right kind of cannabis product has helped ease their suffering almost completely. Many states have legalized medical marijuana due to the fact that it has proven so effective in the case of Tourette Syndrome.


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