What Is The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission?

What Is The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission

In Massachusetts, the Cannabis Control Commission was formed to implement laws regarding both medical and adult-use of cannabis. The Commission’s job is to create a cannabis industry that is safely regulated. They ensure and enhance public safety and health by developing and enforcing effective regulations, conducting research on cannabis-related topics and develop effective continuing education programs to teach the Massachusetts public about cannabis and cannabis law in the state.

In addition, a 25-member Cannabis Advisory Board formed by the Governor, Treasurer and Attorney General. Members have expertise and knowledge regarding the cannabis industry and public health. The group makes recommendations to the Cannabis Control Commission regarding the regulation of marijuana in Massachusetts. They also develop recommendations regarding public health, such as labeling of products, potency, and other concerns.

Medical Use

The new adult-use laws for recreational marijuana do not impact patient’s who have an MMJ Certification. The benefits for those who have an MMJ Certification remain and in fact are more valuable than ever. The long lines you see in front of Dispensaries can be avoided by attaining your MMJ Certification. In addition, Dispensaries are required to keep a percentage of their marijuana products available for MMJ Certified Patients, should the long lines cause a shortage of available product.

Your status as a patient does not change under the adult-use law. Massachusetts has over 200 qualifying medical conditions for which patients can seek a medical license and obtain medical marijuana from one of many licensed dispensaries in the state, click here to find a full list of qualifying conditions.

If you do not have your MMJ Certification, now is a great time to reach out to Medwell Health and Wellness Centers to become certified and receive your MMJ Medication Tax-Free and Avoid Long Lines.

Adult Use

The adult-use marijuana law is for people over the age of 21 and is taxed at 20 – 26%. You can possess up to one ounce of marijuana on your person. Ten ounces are allowed at home, but amounts over one ounce must be locked away; failure to do so results in a $100 fine and forfeiture of the marijuana.

Smoking is not allowed in public places. A good rule of thumb is that if regular tobacco smoking is not allowed in a certain building or location, neither is marijuana smoking, nor other methods of adult-use consumption. Each Massachusetts town must pass its own laws regarding marijuana consumption.

The laws regarding driving and cannabis are the same as the laws for alcohol. No open containers are allowed. Employers are not obligated to allow cannabis consumption in the workplace and may restrict use.

If you have any additional questions about Medical Marijuana Certification please reach out to Medwell Health and Wellness Centers.