Tinctures and Transdermal Patches Demystified!

Tinctures and Transdermal Patches Demystified

With the recent ban on pre-loaded battery-powered vape products, it is wise to clear the fog of confusion with consideration of viable options. As we have reviewed vaping alternatives, we have received a lot of questions about tinctures and transdermal patches. Arm yourself with knowledge by considering the benefits of each.

The Strength of Tinctures

Tinctures provide access to medical cannabis in a concentrated, liquid form. They are well described as cannabis-infused liquid carriers such as alcohol, grapeseed oil, or avocado oil just for a few examples.

There are many benefits of tinctures. Dosages can be easily controlled. They come in a rich variety of tastes and flavors to please everyone’s pallet. Tinctures are easy to measure or self-titrate. To find the ideal dosage, many patients can simply start with one drop and increase the amount by adding one drop per dosage until optimum effect is achieved.

Tinctures as well as being purchased directly at state-regulated dispensaries can also be prepared at home using “safe flower” purchased from dispensaries. The preparation of tinctures requires very little effort and can be quite flexible. Large volumes of tinctures may be prepared all at once and administered at leisure. They may be stored for years in a cool, dark location. They are prepared using a minimum of easily-accessible materials. If you have a jar, alcohol, desired cannabis products, and a strainer, you are well on your way to creating long-lasting, effective tinctures.

Both ways of administering tinctures carry distinct advantages. The most common way of administration is directly under the tongue. This provides accelerated relief through rapid absorption and gives results in as little as fifteen minutes. If you are seeking a more subtle effect similar to that of edibles, you may delight with infusions of prepared tinctures into your favorite sauces, soups, drinks, and even desserts. Count on experiencing effects within the hour as the medicine is processed through the liver. Take control of your experience through the merits of choice.

The Discretion of Transdermal Patches

Transdermal patches are a great choice for those initially exploring medical cannabis. These patches work through a carrier called a permeation enhancer. They give the benefit of privacy as they are discreetly placed on any venous part of the body. There are no tell-tale odors or signs of usage.

Transdermal patches are a perfect choice if you are seeking a measured, long-lasting dosage in a slow-release form. They are effective because they deliver cannabinoids directly into the bloodstream. Patients avoid spikes of reactions that can cause intense or even psychedelic experiences. Responses are measured and predictable.

Patients may choose from a range of isolated cannabinoids, including CBD, CBN, THC, THCA and even split ratios such as 1:1 CBD and THC. Therefore, the individual tailers the specific type according to need. Administration through the skin makes the CBD patch a natural choice for relief from inflammation and other joint disorders. CBN, THC and THCA patches provide more overt effects such as sleeping aids, anxiety relievers, and appetite suppressants.

Both tinctures and transdermal patches are worthwhile alternatives for those seeking medical benefits free from the stigmas of traditional methods. They are strong choices for those beginning to explore nontraditional, smokeless forms of medical marijuana.

Contact Medwell directly with any additional questions. Allow us to help you make informed decisions about which alternative is best for you.