Transdermal Cannabis Patches For Targeting Specific Ailments

Transdermal Cannabis Patches

Doctors and medical science have made great strides in discovering and harnessing the healing capabilities of the cannabis plant. We now know more than ever about how medical marijuana (MMJ) interacts with body systems not only by smoking it but also through a variety of other means of ingestion. In addition to increased education, the community of physicians and other major players in the industry are constantly developing new ways of delivering the positive benefits of MMJ to patients suffering from ailments of all sorts. A big reason for this extensive research is to learn more about the different compounds in cannabis that provide a wide range of results for varying medical conditions. Many are familiar with alternative ways of using MMJ such as consuming marijuana-infused foods or oils, but there is a fairly new player that is also gaining notoriety as a legitimate treatment option. For patients that are considering cannabis as a remedy but aren’t too keen on the sensation of being “high”, there are transdermal cannabis patches.

There’s a Patch For That?!

Transdermal cannabis patches are unique products that offer a continuous and gradual dose of cannabis for up to 12 hours. They help relieve pain and other symptoms caused by a host of illnesses. Additionally, these patches don’t bring on some of the disruptive experiences that a true high might cause. While there may be a small subset that misses out on the high created by traditional means, the lessened psychoactive effect is part of the appeal for a large population of MMJ patients. Similar to early comers like gels and oils, the patches transmit medication through the skin and directly into the bloodstream without having to travel through the stomach or liver.

Benefits of Transdermal Cannabis Patches:

They Are Customizable – Transdermal patches are available in customized compound ratios. This feature allows users to decide which compound is most prominent in the patch to pinpoint their specific medical needs. Those with chronic pain can opt for a patch containing little to no THC (the psychoactive compound in cannabis) and avoid the high experience altogether. Patients that are partial to that sensation and suffer from disorders such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) may prefer a patch higher in THC levels but lower in CBD (cannabis’s non-psychoactive component). They can also be cut into halves or even quarters to more closely regulate their medication intake throughout the day.

They Are Discrete – These patches can be placed in strategic areas on the skin underneath clothing to hide their presence. And since they don’t contain the traditional odor that cannabis plants and smoke carry, you won’t have to worry about someone sniffing out when you are using it. You’ll be able to receive the proper dosage of cannabis throughout the day without anyone being any the wiser. Discrete distribution and packaging is another perk in evading any suspicion because they simply appear to be pain relief or nicotine patches.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

The effectiveness of these products relies on a number of factors. One being that first-time users must gauge the effects of the patch through a trial and error process. It is recommended to start off with a patch with a low dosage or by cutting one in half to determine what works best. Another factor is the placement. Much like patches that provide pain relief or an aid to quit cigarette smoking, they should not be applied to the same area twice in a row; meaning you will have to use them in various parts of the body. The area of application must be clean shaven to provide the best results, so this could be problematic for patients with a generous amount of body hair.

Transdermal cannabis patches offer new and exciting possibilities to a wider demographic of people interested in utilizing cannabis as a medical aid. If you are someone who believes they could highly benefit from an MMJ product like this, contact MedWell Health & Wellness Centers to begin the process of obtaining your medical marijuana certification. Appointments are easier than ever to make, so schedule yours today!

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