Troubleshooting Marijuana Vape Cartridges

Troubleshooting MMJ Vape Cartridges

Why Your Cartridges/Battery May Not Be Working Properly

Although vaping is a more discreet way of consuming medical marijuana, that doesn’t always mean that it is easier. There is a multitude of ways that your marijuana vape pen or cartridge isn’t providing you with optimal draws. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are troubleshooting vape cartridges for Medical Marijuana use (MMJ).

  1. You’re drawing too harshly or too quickly.

Smoking and vaping are two entirely different experiences. If you’re used to smoking a bong, joint or a pipe, then you’re probably used to taking quick and sharp hits from what you’re smoking. When you vape, you actually take in more with slow and long inhales from the pen rather than quick hits.

  1. You’re storing your pen or cartridge in a place that is too cool.

Because of the viscosity of the marijuana oil, warmer temperatures allow it to flow more easily. If you store it in a cool area, then you’ll need to take time in order to warm up the oil so that it can be properly vaporized. You can take a hairdryer and blow warm air on a cartridge that has thick oil stored inside.

  1. Your battery is low.

This is related to the heating up of marijuana oil. If your battery on your vape pen is low, then you won’t be able to heat up and vaporize the oil within the cartridge. Be sure to recharge your pen’s battery on a daily basis so that your pen is fully ready to go whenever you need it.

  1. Your cartridge is leaking.

On rarer occasions, you could have a faulty cartridge that wasn’t properly constructed. It could have defects that affect the way that the pen turns the oil into vapor. Furthermore, you could be leaking vapor out of holes in your pen. It might not be the best fix, but you could try sealing off connective parts with tape to see if that helps redirect the flow of the vapor.

Local dispensaries when dealing with MMJ Certified patients are more amicable to returns should you immediately find a defect in the vape itself, being MMJ Certified shows you have a medical need and are a highly valued client to the dispensary. Keep this in mind as you troubleshooting marijuana vape cartridges if it is a manufacturing defect and you purchased locally, you may still be able to return the vape. 

Now that marijuana vape pens are legal again in Massachusetts, you can and should get them from licensed dispensaries. It is not only the safest way but with your medical marijuana certification, you could get them tax-free and even delivered to your home. If you’d like, set up an appointment with Medwell Health and Wellness Centers directly so you to can receive unrestricted marijuana product access at your local dispensary including vapes that contain a higher THC level, click here!

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