Understanding Available Marijuana Hybrid Strains

Most of the marijuana strains on the market today are actually hybrids. These combinations can be confusing for people considering them. The hybrids contain plants from different strains that are combined together to achieve certain effects. 

Creating different effects is what makes these hybrids attractive. When hybrids are successful, they inherit the best qualities from each of the parents. Sativa strains are tall, while indicas are short and more shrub-like. Ruderalis is a low-THC species that is considered autoflowering. There are different types of hybrid strains to choose from that primarily involve sativa and indica. 

Kinds of Hybrid Strains

In general, these are the types of strains:

  • Sativa and sativa. 

This hybrid refers to when two different sativa strains are bred together. 

  • Indica and indica.

This hybrid refers to when two different indica strains are bred together.

  • Sativa and indica.

When a hybrid strain has characteristics that are sativa-dominant, it is referred to this way. It still does possess traits of both varieties. 

  • Indica and sativa.

This strain also has traits of both, but is indica-dominant. 

  • Autoflowering hybrids.

These types of hybrids are cultivars that were mixed at some point with ruderalis genetics. 

Hybrid Differences 

Not all hybrids are created equal. Here are the differences:

  • Clone-only strain. 

A clone ensures that the exact genetic makeup of the plant continues.

  • Stable seed strain.

When male and female plants are bred over and over to stablize certain characteristics, it becomes a stable seed strain. 

  • Unstable seed strain.

These strains can be produced quickly, but can have wildly different features. Most places will not sell these.

Reasons Hybrids are Created

Strains are created primarily for these reasons:

  • Certain cannabinoid content.

A main reason hybrids are created is to assure a certain impact. Some will maximize THC or CBD, while others may be bred for low amounts of THC.

  • Size.

Depending on how they are grown, you may want a certain size. Hybrids can be bred with this in mind.

  • Auoflowering capability.

Some hybrids can flower without hours of light exposure.

  • Resin.

Certain hybrids can also have more or less resin.

  • Resistance to pests and disease.

Another desirable trait for a plant is its ability to survive. Some plant strains can adapt better and resist natural predators.

Your needs are unique and you may require a different combination than someone else. Medwell Health Doctors can help with Medical Marijuana Recommendations. 

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