Vaping Alternatives for MMJ Patients

Vaping Alternatives for MMJ Patients

Given the recent health concerns about vaping, a number of states have issued a ban on the sale of vaping products. It is controversial, and several vape companies have challenged these states in federal court. The U.S. district judge upheld the ban last week, citing that it was in the public interest.

Which Vaping Alternatives for MMJ Patients are still available in the states where the ban is in effect?

Certified MMJ Patients can purchase the oil, and buy the refillable vaporizer and be off to the races just as they were before this ban went into effect. The same distillate, co2 oil, shatter, wax, and rosin is still available from there local state-regulated dispensaries; just not prepackaged in a Pax pod, cartridge or something similar in those states where the ban is in effect.

What Vaping Alternatives for MMJ Patients are available?

For patients with localized pain or inflammation, topicals can be very effective. Topical CBD or CBD/THC mixtures come in lotions and gels and are a practical choice for many of our MedWell patients who have sports injuries or arthritis. Come in and talk to one of our doctors to see if topicals are right for you.

Many medical patients are turning to edibles for effective treatment. An edible is a food or beverage infused with cannabis – CBD, THC, or both. Dispensaries have many products you can choose from. Dosing is critical when considering edibles, and we can help with that, too. Because edibles must first be digested, they do tend to take longer to act. It is essential to know this because many patients expect the effect to be immediate. When it isn’t, they take more and end up having too intense an effect.

Edibles used to be a bit stigmatized but now are considered a very acceptable way to administer medical cannabis. Edibles are particularly popular for older patients and for patients who do not want to smoke or vape.

CBD oil and other cannabis oils can be taken orally, in capsule form, or by being placed under the tongue (sublingually). Oils can be very potent, and can be taken by themselves or added to foods or beverages. Like edibles, the oil must be digested, so it can take longer to take effect. Again, the utmost care must be used regarding dosing. Many of our patients like taking the oils in capsule form. They can take these capsules along with their other medications and then go on with the rest of their day.

Tinctures are typically a stronger cannabis extract usually taken under the tongue. The tinctures are in liquid form and enter the bloodstream immediately to provide fast-acting relief. With tinctures, you will have an easier time controlling the dosage. If you have been vaping and have grown accustomed to a particular flavor of vaping additive, the chances are that the same flavor is available in tincture form, so you get the same great taste without the worry of harming your lungs.

Transdermal Patches
If you are looking for slow-release medication, a transdermal patch can deliver cannabinoids directly to your bloodstream. Many of our patients who are trying medical cannabis for the first time start with these patches because they provide a measured long-lasting dose and are easy to use.

Many Choices
Let MedWell Health help you find a product that is perfect for your medical needs. Regardless of the ban on vaping within various states, with proper guidance, state-regulated dispensaries offer a wide variety of products that can relieve your pain. We are here to help! Give us a call (727 440 4808) or come in to see us today.