The Benefits of Vaping Versus Smoking Cannabis

Vaping Versus Smoking - Brockton, Massachusetts

The term “beggars can’t be choosers” can be applied to recreational marijuana users that are limited to what they can obtain on the illegal black market. For medical marijuana patients, however, there are various methods available for consuming cannabis; and rightfully so for those suffering from legitimate medical conditions and deserving of a variety of treatment options. New and advanced ways of consuming cannabis medication are introduced more frequently than most patients can keep track of. But one particular style of cannabis ingestion has gained appropriate traction in the medical marijuana (MMJ) industry; vaporizing, aka “vaping”. So what is this relatively new practice and what are the medicinal benefits of vaping versus smoking cannabis in the traditional fashion?

What is Vaporizing (Vaping)?

Vaping is the act of using a vaporizer, or vape pen, that is designed to heat up either loose leaf cannabis or oils to a temperature just before reaching its combustion point; roughly 392 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows the specific compounds that are utilized for treating medical conditions to be extracted from the plant or oil smoothly without burning off their medicinal properties. Instead of smoke, water vapor containing the necessary compounds is created by the vaporizer and inhaled.

Though vaporizers or vape pens come in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and abilities, the majority of them are made up of the following parts:

  • – Cartridge (for oils)
  • – Mouthpiece
  • – Battery
  • – Cartomizer (also called an atomizer)
  • – Circuitry with sensor


Cartridges containing cannabis oil are attached to the vaporizer. Loose leaf vaporizers contain a concaved area to place the cannabis, much like a standard pipe or bowl. Inside the atomizer is a coil, which is the heating element. When you inhale through the mouthpiece, the battery is activated and the coil is heated. The oil or leaf is absorbed and the entire process converts the cannabis into the vapor you inhale.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Vaping Versus Smoking Cannabis Traditionally?

Less Mess:

Vaping is overall “cleaner” than smoking. Unlike smoking, which produces ash you must clean up or that can shoot into your mouth when inhaling, you’ll notice that there’s very little maintenance with vaping. You might be pleasantly surprised as to how clean your device looks after use.

Minimal Smell:

Smoking cannabis omits a distinct smell that has a tendency to stick with you; in your clothes, hair, etc. Vaping, on the other hand, emits significantly less smell. And the smell it does produce is often unrecognizable to a layman of cannabis. The vapor dissipates more quickly into the air, so even though there’s still an odor, it’s far less obvious than the smell that smoking creates.

Vaping is More Discreet:

The very fact that vaping emits less smell means it’s more discreet and appealing to many MMJ patients. Without the heavy smell, you’ll find that you can use your medical marijuana in more public settings. There’s even the ability to control how much your device heats up. In short, you have control over how much vapor you consume.

Many vaporizers are even specifically designed to be compact for easy storage and concealment in your pocket; letting you pull it out for easier vaping on-the-go. For patients who may have friends or family that aren’t as accepting of their MMJ use, this benefit can be quite invaluable.

More Flavor Options:

Much like electronic cigarettes, cannabis oil cartridges, in particular, come in a laundry list of flavor options. Not everyone genuinely enjoys the taste of the cannabis plant, so having a number of flavors to choose from can be a major perk.

It’s Easier on Your Lungs:

There’s no denying that cannabis is used to treat a multitude of ailments. However, burning and inhaling it does produce some trace amounts of toxins, which can become problematic for certain patients suffering from things such as lung conditions. Vaping is easier on your lungs because any byproducts that may be released by burning marijuana are eliminated. You’ll experience all the benefits of medical cannabis without the burning process and effects that smoke can have on your lungs.

More Fast-Acting:

Vaping gives you a smooth flavor that’s abundant in cannabinoids. It’s fast acting, as the flavonoids and terpenes are highly concentrated. This means vaping has a stronger overall effect and allows you to target your symptoms more quickly and effectively. Especially when dealing with chronic conditions that require instant relief, this is a game-changing benefit of vaping versus smoking.

We would never deter purists from enjoying the traditional methods of cannabis consumption. To each his or her own! Vaping versus smoking a joint or pipe is a matter of personal preference. The old school method, however, continues to be the go-to for most MMJ patients simply because of their familiarity with it. But with constant advancements in MMJ products and consumption techniques, along with their own set of particular advantages, MMJ is only anticipated to further evolve and grow into a more effective medical treatment for future generations!

At MedWell Health & Wellness Centers, we don’t want to simply mask the symptoms of chronic medical conditions… we want to TREAT them! If you think medical marijuana may be a good fit for your chronic condition, click here to schedule an appointment.

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