Ways to Counteract a Marijuana High that Is Too Intense

Counteract a Marijuana High

Many people find that medical marijuana helps them to improve their quality of life, manage pain or inflammation, and prevent vomiting. However, it can have one drawback–you may realize that your high is much stronger than you intended. 

This could be because you have a low tolerance or have accidentally taken a dose that is too much for you. No matter how it happens, we have advice for you on how to counteract a marijuana high that is too intense.

Stay Calm

First, remember that everything will be just fine. Your symptoms will pass without causing you any lasting damage, and you can always call a medical professional to help if you are feeling too overwhelmed.

Go and get a glass of water and focus on taking a few sips. Staying hydrated is important, and it will also give you something to zero in on besides the way you are feeling. Try to rest, if you can. Lie down and focus on taking deep breaths in and out.

Eat Something

We’re not talking about a huge meal here. Instead, you should grab something small, like a banana or a handful of almonds. If you are feeling really anxious, go into your pantry or spice cabinet and grab a black peppercorn. The smell or taste can help you feel calmer.

Distract Your Brain

If you simply can’t relax and turn your brain off, then do something to distract yourself from the way you’re feeling. If you’re not too light-headed, you may want to take a walk somewhere close to where you are at the moment.

If you are with your friends or partner, talk to them. It is likely that they will be happy to reassure you and take your mind off of your current situation. If this is impossible or does not fully work, take time to do something that makes you feel happy and safe.

This activity varies for different people, but you may enjoy a comfort film or show, play your favorite video games or listen to some calming music. You might want to draw, write or color, as well.

Consult a Professional

Whatever you choose, remember that you can always talk to one of our doctors about the correct dosage and ways to counteract a marijuana high that’s too strong. You need to make sure that you remain certified, and reviewing your MMJ dosage periodically is highly recommended, regardless. Contact us today to get certified, if you aren’t already, and start the conversation about how MMJ can work in your life.

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