Ways to use Cannabis without Smoking or Vaping

Ways to use Cannabis without Smoking or Vaping

We get it. You want to use medical cannabis but you’re not a big fan of smoking it. You don’t like the combustion aspect, nor do you like the burning throat sensation. Perhaps your medical condition means that your lung health is compromised, so smoking is not an option. Furthermore, you’re not a big fan of vaping either, given the recent health concerns about vaping additives and the overall concerns about vaping being harmful to your health. In addition, Massachusetts has just initiated a four-month ban on the sale of vape products including medical marijuana vaping concentrates removing that option entirely. Here are ways to use cannabis without smoking or vaping.

Don’t worry! There are several other methods you can use to ingest medical marijuana.


Edibles are extremely popular these days. Exactly what is an edible? It is a consumable item such as a food or beverage that has been infused with cannabinoids. Some edibles have THC, CBD or a combination of the two. Everything from beverages to brownies is being infused with cannabis. Dispensaries have many products to choose from and can help you with dosing. Edibles tend to take longer to act because they must first be digested. Due to the delayed onset, some patients can take too much of an edible, leading to an undesirable effect.

Even so, edibles are becoming a very accepted way to intake medical cannabis for those patients who either can’t smoke or feel strange doing it. In particular, edibles are very popular with older patients.

Oils and Tinctures

Many patients are turning to ingestible oils taken orally in capsule or sublingual form. They are similar to edibles and can be taken alone or added to a food or beverage. They are powerful, but like edibles, they do take longer to kick in. Be careful with the dose you are taking and be sure not to over-consume. Low & Slow is always the best course of action.

A tincture is a cannabis extract liquid that can be applied directly under your tongue to enter the bloodstream almost immediately for fast-acting relief. A tincture also allows you to better control your dose. These days, tinctures come in a variety of doses and flavors, and many cannabinoid profiles are also available to meet your exact medical need.


Perhaps ingesting cannabis is just really not your cup of tea, topical cream or lotion may be your best bet. These balms come in many forms and are cannabis-infused to apply directly to the skin. This is a great choice for any localized pain or inflammation, such as for arthritis or a sports injury. Topicals are great because they will have no psychoactive effect.

With medical cannabis approved in over 30 states, the market is meeting patient demand with a wide variety of products. So, if you are not keen on smoking and vaping, let MedWell Health help you find a way to use cannabis without smoking or vaping, that is perfect for you.