What is HHC?

What is HHC

HHC is part of the cannabis family and was made by the American chemist, Roger Adams. It was created by hydrogen molecules being added to Delta-9 THC. The process that was used to form HHC is called hydrogenation, which will turn THC into hexahydrocannabinol (or HHC). The process of hydrogenation is the same process used in other products, such as vegetable oil being created into margarine. Keep reading to learn more about HHC.

How is it Made?

There are many steps to creating HHC. The first step is extracting CBD from raw hemp which is then made into powder. It becomes more complicated as the HHC is formed from a chemical reaction. Hemp-based CBD is used to create a chemical reaction that will create the HHC. Because it is created from a chemical reaction, it can be dangerous to produce. This is why it must be done in a well-equipped laboratory as there is the potential for explosions.

Is it Legal?

This has been somewhat of a debate as it is a hemp-based product and not THC. Currently, HHC gummies, vapes, and other products are available for purchase. The argument is that HHC is derived from seeds of hemp plants and is non-synthetic. Because it is partially hemp (which is a legal product across the nation) and cannabis (which is not legal nationwide) the debate continues as to whether or not HHC is legal to use. Because of the ongoing debate and complicated process used to create HHC, it is wise to purchase HHC products at a dispensary. Dispensaries are required to follow state law for both legal and product safety guidelines.

What are the Side Effects?

Much like the uncertain process of creating and distributing HHC, so are its effects on the human body. Some have described feeling very energetic after consuming it. Others have experienced short-term pain relief. These types of side effects are similar to those who take THC. Therefore HHC and THC are similar products.

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