What is the Entourage Effect

What is the Entourage Effect

One practice in modern medicine is determining the active ingredient in a plant used for medicinal purposes. We can then create a drug to deliver exact quantities of that ingredient to patients. However, with medicinal marijuana, using the plant as a whole has a more positive effect than just cannabidiol, or CBD, by itself. So what is the entourage effect?

The basic rundown

Integrating multiple cannabis products can lead to altered or enhanced medicinal effects. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the psychoactive part of the plant that will get you high. CBD, one of the compounds in the plant with no psychoactive properties is only used for medicinal purposes. Using CBD with THC leads to better results than if you used CBD alone; this is the entourage effect.

Imagine CBD as a rock singer who could put on a one-person show. Add backup vocalists and musicians, and the synergy between the singer and this entourage would lead to a better show. That is how CBD interacts with other compounds when we use the whole plant.

Proving the synergy

The CBD and THC connection is only the tip of the iceberg. Terpenes and other cannabinoids are also part of the synergy. Researchers are still working hard to crack the inner workings of the cannabis compounds and their relationships to one another.

Researchers have not mapped the whole process and interactions between CBD and other compounds. We do not fully comprehend it, but there is qualitative evidence to show the positive effects of the synergy. We know that therapeutic use of the whole plant leads to better results than just a distilled form of CBD.

Science will soon provide us the answers we seek, and botanists and breeders will capitalize on this new knowledge.

What steps can you take right now?

You can purchase CBD and CBD products without a medical marijuana card in most states. However, only medical marijuana patients can legally buy THC products and enjoy the entourage effect by having CBD and THC. Acquiring your Medical Marijuana Certification is an excellent first step; it gives you access to the full range of marijuana products that can help you. 

Make an appointment with our professionals at MedWell Health to get the help you need. In addition, staying up to date on what is transpiring in the Medical Marijuana field is a great idea. You can read some other articles and join us on Instagram to stay informed.

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