Why Cannabis Delivery is becoming essential

Out of all of the businesses that are deemed “essential” during the times of the Coronavirus, there are some that may surprise you. One of the businesses that tend to take people by surprise that are still considered to be essential in some states are cannabis businesses.

Why Cannabis Delivery is Becoming Essential
There are thousands of medical marijuana patients across the country in need of cannabis for their treatment. Many of these patients are immunocompromised and maybe putting themselves or others at risk by going out into public to pick up their cannabis prescriptions.

This is the very reason that some states are approving cannabis delivery as an essential business during the coronavirus. It is not only a way to make sure that patients can still have access to the medicine and treatment that they need but also provides a safe way for them to obtain it.

Making cannabis delivery possible during these trying times is giving patients the ability to maintain a better quality. Some states are even implementing expanded delivery services and/or curbside pickup options to make it easier for consumers and patients to get their cannabis in a safe way that respects social distancing measures. Others are giving doctors the ability to issue medical cannabis recommendations by means of telemedicine so that patients don’t even have to come into the doctor in person to get a clinical examination.

The state surgeon general of Florida issued an order that allows physicians to issue recertifications to existing medical cannabis patients over telemedicine. That state Department of Health in New York has already deemed medical cannabis providers are essential businesses. Therefore, they are not subject to the same closure orders that other businesses are. Massachusetts has also jumped on board, designating medical cannabis businesses (not recreational) as essential during this time. They are also encouraging medical cannabis delivery services to expand and promote their expanded offerings, as doctors in Massachusetts are also permitted to recommend marijuana to patients via telehealth waivers.

MMJ Card Holders in the state of Massachusetts have delivery options where recreational users do not. If you do not have your MMJ Certification this process can now be done from your home using Telemedicine

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