Women: The Fastest Growing Demographic of Medical Marijuana

Women: The Fastest Growing Demographic of Medical Marijuana

Over the last decade, attitudes and perceptions have radically changed toward medical marijuana. With increased medical knowledge warranting the plant’s legitimate medical therapy properties, users have also grown exponentially. In fact, a report shows that the number of marijuana users has doubled in the past decade. And research suggests that cannabis use by women is growing faster than any other demographic.

There’s no doubt that medical marijuana is becoming more and more popular. But why are women the fastest growing demographic of medical marijuana? Are there hemp benefits that are exclusive to females? Finally, does marijuana use vary between men and women?

Let’s explore those questions here.

What’s with the High?

A study suggests that males are more likely to be experienced marijuana users in general. However, among people that are exploring the habit for the first time, female consumers outweigh the males (51% vs 49%). The data from Brightfield Group also added that women cannabis users tend to be younger and consume more cannabis than men.

So, what’s with the high… data?

There are a few plausible reasons:

● First, medical marijuana is used to help treat many conditions that women (and also men) suffer from, like anxiety and depression.
● Second, medical marijuana is viewed as safer than other traditional medications.
● Lastly, medical marijuana is becoming more socially acceptable, which means that more women feel comfortable using it.

Jamie Schau, who is the senior insights manager at Brightfield Group, stated the balanced demographics of cannabis use demonstrate the normalization. She also added that it illustrates marijuana’s growing popularity and diversity.

Although women who use cannabis are self-reported, a research paper in 2021 revealed that females are more likely to use marijuana to treat chronic illnesses to replace prescribed medication.

Benefits of Medical Marijuana For Women

One of the most evident reasons why women are the fastest growing demographic of medical marijuana is because of the plant’s ability to neutralize premenstrual syndrome (PMS) pains. During women’s menstrual period, they may experience cramps, migraines, and mood swings. To this end, cannabinoids are known to treat general pain and also soothe migraines and headaches which can dissipate PMS symptoms among women.

Women are also more likely to experience autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis. While these hyperactive inflammatory responses pose benefits against diseases, this predisposes females to autoimmune problems. Medical marijuana’s immunomodulatory properties can support women suffering from these problems.

Countless cosmetic products and skin care solutions targeted at women are also featuring cannabis and CBD because of their popularity as natural beauty treatments. Below are some of the most common products that use marijuana:

● Lotions
● Creams
● Balms
● Bath salts
● Oils

We’ll likely see more products adopt cannabis as their banner ingredient in the coming years.

Today, the use of marijuana as an aphrodisiac is becoming increasingly popular. According to a survey in 2019, 3 out of 4 people reported increased sexual satisfaction with cannabis use.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, the other benefits of medical marijuana are more common in both sexes. This includes marijuana as a treatment for anxiety, depression, and insomnia, to say the least.

Women vs. Men — Does Their Usage Differ?

Now that medical marijuana is legal in 33 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, its usage has become more widely accepted in society. But how does this differ between men and women?

According to Sheena Shiravi, head of PR for Eaze, women are almost twice as likely to favor tincture cannabis products than men. They also tend to be more creative in their intake with gummies being one of the favorite mediums along with vape cartridges and cannabis topicals. This may very well be one of the reasons why women are the fastest growing demographic of medical marijuana.

At the end of the day, marijuana can do wonders to ease the medical conditions and suffering among women. Time and extensive research will tell if there are more female-specific benefits to medical marijuana than what we have today.

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