You Can Now Use Your MMJ Card in Maine

Now You Can Use Your MMJ Card in Maine

If you’re a resident of Massachusetts or Florida and have your MMJ Certification, you’re in luck, because you can now use your MMJ card when you visit Maine. Maine’s Medical Cannabis Program aims to provide consistent, safe access to medical cannabis for qualified visiting patients. Thankfully, Maine is a state that allows visitors from other states to use their MMJ cards.

A qualified visiting patient is someone who is not a resident of Maine, and who also has a serious medical problem that falls under the approved conditions for their state of residence. This person can also be a resident of Maine for less than a month because that qualifies them as a “visitor.” But, they still need to be qualified by another jurisdiction for the use of medical marijuana.

As of August 27th, 2019, a qualified patient visiting Maine needs to meet the following criteria in order to use their MMJ card:

  1. Home – Jurisdiction MMJ Certification.

The MMJ Certification shows that the visitor has a valid health-related reason to use medical marijuana that has been approved by their home state.

  1. Photographic identification.

In addition, the visitor needs to have a valid photo identification card or a driver’s license from his or her state of residence.

* Note if you plan to visit a dispensary on your trip to Maine remember to have both credentials with you.

As long as the visitor has these two credentials, they can buy and use medical marijuana in Maine, following the Maine MMJ use guidelines. Consumption of MMJ products in Maine must be done in a “private space”. This is a huge step in the right direction for Maine, and for the United States overall!

Some states do not let visitors use their MMJ Certification. Not being able to use your MMJ Certification can seriously hinder an MMJ Card holder’s ability to visit another state. Medical marijuana is a huge part of patients’ healing and well-being. The ability to use medical marijuana in other states is a form of healthcare treatment that is truly needed.

Maine has taken this step forward; hopefully, their forward-thinking on MMJ Certification Reciprocal Use will find its way to other states. To read the specific Maine State Act “PL 2019, c.209 [LD 538]” please click here.

If you are planning to visit Maine and you are suffering from an ailment that falls under the multiple approved conditions for MMJ Certification Guidelines in Florida or Massachusetts. Now is the time to become MMJ Certified at Medwell Health and Wellness Centers and assure your certification is up to date.